Wednesday, January 30, 2008

check this out if your in ny! Teenagers casting
CASTING CALL CONTESTthe teenagers"love no" we’re seeking 10 PYT’s to be extras in the next music video for the teenagers! we need 5 young ladies and 5 young men that can spend a whole day eating ice cream, roller skating and making out on camera with good looking strangers. must be 18-24 and in the new york area as you’ll need to provide your own transportation to a secret location in greenpoint, brooklyn on sunday february 3rd. please send your name, age, home address and a contact phone number, plus a recent picture for consideration. winners will be called, so if you don’t hear from us it’s because we already filled all the spots. good luck, we can’t wait to hear from you!!!send it to marketing (at) loveXL xxxHave you ever wanted to be more than just another cobrasnaker or lastnightspartier? This is your chance. You might have to invest in a flight from LA to NYC, or a train ticket from Canada, or whatever.

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Happy Pappis said...

oh man! I wish I was in NY. I would totally do that!