Wednesday, April 16, 2008

French Miami

French Miami is coming downtown to johnny v's this friday april the 18th and i wanted to give some background on this band. and shoot out some limited quantity free samples. French miami really reminds me of some great mid 90's funk / punk jam bands. They Beef up the sound with some great synth lines and a funky take on the vocals. I'm hoping they play some very dancy long jams.

I toook this from french miami's myspace

Formed in 2006, this trio has exploded on the San Francisco scene with their quirky mix of disco keyboards, screaming guitars, catchy vocals and solid drums.As a three piece, each member takes on multiple roles. Singer Jason Heiselmann seamlessly switches between baritone guitar, drums, keyboards, and singing -- sometimes all in the same song -- and guitarist Roland Curtis is known to play his guitar and keyboard at the same time. Drummer Chris Crawford stays locked on the drums, his signature BOOM! creating the backbone of their sound. Whether they're playing in a sweaty house party basement or in front of hundreds of people, French Miami's raucous live performance commands the dance floor.In late December 2007, French Miami will be touring the east coast, playing dates in New York, Boston, Philly and Montreal.Upcoming releases include two EPs that were recorded with Phil Manley(Trans Am, The Fucking Champs) due out later in the year

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