Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sidechain, never ignored by me, blog love

While no one accused me of not giving blog love to this up and coming group, The Lemur blog did say that not enough love was being given so heres my write up. Sidechains is the new conga squad! i hope you like that if you dont know now you know! disco buildups big break downs and electro backing give this music my two toe thumbs up when im beating out or banging in! enjoy some mp3's that i didnt have before but im loveing now thanks lemur blog !!!( see my blogg bff's for more on one of my favorite bloggs!)

Sidechains - Dance While You Can.mp3

Sidechains - Real.mp3

Sidechains - Dr. Funk.mp3

Sidechains - Waiting So Long.mp3

Sidechains - Turn Your Body On.mp3

Sidechains - Turn Your Body On (Local Hero Remix).mp3

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