Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rave News

So, since when do i write about local raves and such? What makes me an authority on local bangers and warehouse mashers? Ive only gone to over a thousand party's during the years 96 - 2005 I have experienced the scene's the biggest where house party's in the northern California area and southern California area. I have also attended many intimate gatherings of like minded friends and family in space big enough to wiggle in. well this is my first bit of raves news for my blog . ETd.Pop? is that the name? well i haven't really figured out the name. but the fact that all of a sudden they aren't Popsicle anymore is kinda irritating. Whats even more irritating to see the similarity of there new name with our party's names in sf POP OFF!
So im sureeveryone will have fun at the cowpalace and enjoy the fake warehouse feel it provides. It will be a rave there will be drugs the kids will have fun until 2 am and then go home. i didnt think these big partys work anymore, but the options around the bay have diminished for this unabashed orgy or xtc (ha)

Some more 18+ fun can be had at our own lil rave we are throwing POP OFF SOUTH BAY!
We have some hot prizes for the hottest guys and girls. We have a bunch of great dj's that will keep you dancing in your day glo spandex and nike hight top classics. Kayla Killpatrick and Patrick Killkayla will be pumping up the crowd with some drink tickets and hot lap dances!

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