Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hail social to release remixs

Ok so.... cherry cola funk sta mix is one of my fav songs right now. Its so moody in a bright up lifting floor burner kinda way. I Found tyhat it will lead off there remix vinyl and single release. heres an article and some mp3's below

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Hail Social put out one of my favorite albums last year, Modern Love And Death — for reals. This was one of those special albums that felt like a complete album and not just a collection of songs or singles. A year later the band is back with a double disc remix album taking their late night jams to the dance floor. The biggest feat is it still manages to maintain that album feel. Modern Love And Death Remixes has a lot to get psyched for… two favs:
Hail Social - “Annabelle” (Andy Pry & Dances With White Girls’ Broadstreet Bullies mix) (mp3)

Hail Social - “Heaven” (Designer Drugs remix) (mp3)

For purchase on Amazon and iTunes.
“Modern Love & Death Remixes: One”
1. Cherry-Cola Funk (STA Mix)2. Footsteps (Eli Escobar Mix) 3. Paralyzed (Nick Catchdubs Mix) 4. Heaven (Anoraak Mix) 5. All Night (DJ Siyoung Mix) 6. Annabele (Andy Pry & Dances With White Girls Mix)
“Modern Love & Death Remixes: Two”
1. Heaven (Stabwounds! Mix)2. One U Love (Kilroy Mix)3. All Night (Benny Brows Mix)4. Try Again (Collette Columbirch Mix)5. Paralyzed (Mase Odyssey Mix)6. The Last Thing (Crimp Yr Hair Mix)7. Heaven (Designer Drugs Mix)
heres another remix to share with you

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