Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rainy 5 for flinching! episode 2

It's raining in the bay area again with subtropical warm temputares its a day you want to be outside but you know the kids they love the rain.

I have picked some melancholy along with some funny so enjoy! Next week we will be doing an all classixx edition of five for flinching in preperation for Pop Off in Sf.

Lots of love Diamond Daddy

Bonde do Role - Office Boy (shirkhan mix)
This a great lil brazilian treat. Even with lyrics in portueguese and english it doesnt take to long to understand the real message of the songs. Coming from Brazil means they call there style biale funk/punk. There first album with lasers is phenomanal and described by the band that "everything is better with lasers in brazil"

Miracle Fortress - Digital Love (Daft punk cover)
Miracle Fortress - Digital Love (Daft Punk cover).mp3
What a Gem to come across! A great cover originally done by my favorite robot duo, daft punks.
Miracle fortress is more a mystery to me. From what internet data i could gather miracle fortress is a single guy named Van Pelt living in Montreal and recording at the friendship cove music space. The recording is not top notch on this (daft p's must be happy about this Fact)
but it really is one that should go onto a romantic love tape or just a sunday driver podcast.

Trash Fashion - Rave Dave (bryan cox remix)
What a tongue and cheek, parody song of what raves where. As an old scool raver that enjoys the nu rave culture, this song rocks me. Trash Fashion are some blokes that love to rock and party and dont mind if like either. check out the video from the original below or check them out at there website -

Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow.mp3
Fuck Buttons are the Bristol duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power. I dont know to much more other then i love acid rock. This one also includes a driving kick drum line and jarring guitar feedburners. A rocker reminsecnt of Pink Floyd, Phish, & Sonic Youth. Turn on some day glo and ride this one in the fast lane

The Whip - Trash (crookers Remix)
The whip have been put up against the greats of new order, justice, and even .. dare i say it ....
daft PUNK! Amazing there music is well produced clean with the dirty synth lines and a 4 on the floor beat that makes any of there songs wherehouse/club ready. listen for yourself and love it!
bonde do role video

Trash Fashion Video

Fuck Buttons Video

The Whip Video

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