Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentines music edition - 5 for Flinching

What would be a better day to send the inaugural post of what will be a weekly track listing of some favorite songs. This blog has really taken off in the last few weeks. Please sign up for email updates i have alot of great bands to show you and alot of great songs to play.

I want to give a shout out to my love Anna! I love you so much and you are the one and true love till the End. Thi is an open decleration of this love! love you!

now 5 for flinching weekly countdown of what im feeling right now:

1.Enkal Apa - Nothing like some dirty 8bit nintendo beats to make you feel like screwing the hell out of your wife, lover, or man. This group really opitomizes for me the new 8 bit movement with sweeping midi tone genetrated anthems and a solid bass line nintendo never could produce ENKEL APA - Back In The Days.mp3

2. Crookers Remix Man eater - I cant think of abetter song to listen to while getting some sensual seduction after dinner! Maneater_(Crookers_remix).mp3

3.Calvin Harris, Merry Making at My Place -Maybe not my place but the bedroom will have some merry making tonight. I love this nu- rave rock feel to this essetially eternal house song (my house) Calvin Harris - Merrymaking at My Place.mp3

4.Miss Kitten, Barefoot Tonight - I hope you like feet cause kitten wants you to wporship them, Get your pedicure done! Get your hair done! Its the day to look like a superstar for your one and only Lover! Miss Kittin-bare foot tonight.mp3

5.Diamonds Norrit free mix - Nothing says love like diamonds! Diamond Daddy says get her some.... Diamonds (Norrit Freemix).mp3

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Mrs. England said...

My heart is yours daddy. I love you!